Sunday, October 23, 2011

When Parents have to die in an old age home


WISH I COULD DO MORE                                                               

It’s what everybody wanted
You wanted it too
To become stiff, cold…forever.
It’s happened now.
You cease to be, you are no more.

Anyway you never existed
Except for these four walls
Where many like you
Served life sentence – your crime: `Getting old and senile’.

I know it pains to see you unwanted
Even when you have surrendered your life
Yet they don’t want to take that last trouble
Of igniting that match-stick
Or trashing you down where in minutes you will turn into ash.

Don’t feel bad, at least there are good Samaritans
If not good sons and daughters
Who will travel with you in the hearse van
To bid you the final adieu.

Anyway, they bid you adieu
The day they dumped you in this Home.
For them, your heart had stopped beating then.
You had been ousted from their existence ever since.

I know you wiped their tears when they were small and helpless
I know you drained your finances so that they stand on their two feet.
I know you spent selfless nights when they were sick.
I know you bent backwards to protect them, to pray for them.

I know you had great expectations from them for you.
I know you thought you taught them moral and social responsibility.
But some never learn, until they are themselves taught a lesson.
I know by then it is too late, but what to do?
`Be Selfish’ – the marketing mantra has overpowered your good upbringing.
I apologise to you. Wish I could do more.