Wednesday, January 29, 2014

  1. My email to Supriya Sule regarding Asha's Mirge's outrageous remarks on women - pl copy-paste and send a similar email to her on your name. Her email id is:

    Dear Supriya
    This is Vinita Deshmukh, Pune's Lok Sabha candidate from Nav Bharat Democratic Party.
    I wish to register my protest against the disgusting remarks on women by Asha Mirge, who shared the dais with you.
    Mirge's remarks that provocative dresses of women are reasons for sexual assaults and that the lady reporter had no business to go to an isolated place after 6 pm are outrageous. Mirge has also questioned as to why Nirbhaya should have gone for a 11pm movie. Mirge is reported to have said that sexual assaults on women take place due to three reasons - a woman's clothes, her behaviour and her presence in inappropriate place

    You, as a senior woman politician of Maharashtra is aware that sexual assaults occur even in the remotest of places in Maharashtra. You are aware that stalking and eve teasing is so common even in gallis of every city. Yet, you did not stop Mirge from saying what she said and instead later you said it was `grandmother's advice.'

    In order to stand up for the dignity of women, I urge you to ask Mirge to tender an unconditional apology in public. I also urge you to condemn Mirge's statement in Public,

    I am looking forward to your reply for upholding dignity of womanhood

    Vinita Deshmukh
    Nav Bharat Democratic Party's Lok Sabha Candidate for 2014.
    Senior Journalist, RTI columnist & activist
    98230 36663
    Consulting Editor, MoneyLife (
    Author of the book `The Mighty Fall' (based on Pratibha Patil post-retirement home scam and Dow Chemicals - success stories through use of RTI)
    co-author of the book`To The Last Bullet' (based on Vinita Kamte's expose of the needless deaths of her police officer husband Ashok Kamter along with Hemant Karkare and Vijay Salaskar in 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, through evidence she procured under RTI)
    Compiled and edited a book on RTI for YASHADA, `Milestone 7: Journey of RTI Act'
    Guest faculty in Sri Balaji Society for teaching Conversational English and Communication Skills
    Guest faculty in MIT, School of Government for teaching RTI Act
    Convener, RTI Forum For Instant Information (RFII)
    Convener, Pune Passport Grievance Forum (PPGF)
    Convener, Pune Metro Jagruti Abhiyaan
    My Facebook link:
    color of nation link:
    My philosophy: When the nation is gripped with colossal corruption, participate in whatever way you can to cleanse it, for the biggest crime is to suffer injustice
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