Friday, March 6, 2015

My argument for banning BBC documentary on India’s Daughters

1. *    BBC’s teasers for the documentary film (which means a factual depiction; it is not a movie) showed what the savage rapist said and that is – in 80% rape cases women are responsible. Do I need to hear this from a butcher rapist who ripped off Nirbhaya’s organs, beat her with iron rods, body part by body part, stripped her and her friend completely naked of clothes and belongings and threw them from the bus with the intention of crushing them under the tyres? Does this savage’s opinion need to be shown to the public? 
2.    * So, what was BBC’s intention to have those humiliating teasers when Nirbhaya was a decent girl who had gone out with her friend for a movie and both were returning by a bus, like thousands in the country? So, why should I hear this scoundrel telling me that women are responsible for rapes?
3.   * Nirbhaya case was unprecedented in Indian history as regards peoples’ movement to fight against sexual crimes on women. It had attained a level of a united national campaign and had forced the government, within a historic short time, to amend the Act which has now become stronger. Against this background, to bring out the savage rapist in all glory and gore is ill timed. It diffuses all the trauma and tribulations that thousands of youngsters and women faced fighting police tear gas shells and lathi charge.

4.  *  Asking for a ban on the documentary is also a step to make the government introspect of giving access to foreign media to hardcore shameless criminals just because they have `white skin.’ Sushilkumar Shinde is directly responsible for this shame and he and the relevant authorities should be questioned. This is another matter but at least the home ministry was able to ask youtube to ban it. Tell me, would you like to see a BBC documentary on Ajmal Kasab blaming victims of his terror at CST station, Taj etc or would you just shun him in jail – his mind can be read by investigative officers.

5.  *  I would have appreciated if the BBC was objective and had done a documentary on savage child abuser John Franks who is languishing in a British jail right now and told the world the mind of this man. UK took a position that it will hurt the feelings of his victims and so it should not be shown. Then why India? For some cheap publicity of how they damn see all brown men as rapists? I would have appreciated if the BBC showed the Jordanian Pilot being burnt alive with gory details of how he screamed and shouted – they it do that? There are so many beheadings of ISIS – did the BBC show that? Then why only Nirbhaya case which hits the raw nerve of women in this country?

6.    * By doing this documentary, the BBC is making the world believe that rape is a crime insinuated by the way women dress and go after sunset as spelt out by the savage brutal rapist. Do I need to hear that from a scoundrel who should be cut into pieces in full public eye?

7. *   In the name of freedom of press and what not, celebrities in India talk big about why this documentary should not be stifled. Of course they live in an Oasis in India where Neena Gupta can get away by having an illegitimate child of Viv Richards and Hema Malini can get away with any illegality to marry Dharmendra. They don’t live in the world of a common Indian woman who has to constantly guard her morality. Also, these damn panelists give one opinion on one TV channel and have no qualms of saying the exact opposite in the next channel on the same issue – they go by the stance that the particular TV channel takes.  So, this is humbug.

8.    * My friends, we need to shed off this colonial hangover of living by the perception of these `whites’ who have time and again hit us below the belt to ensure they remain superior – we need to question them. We need to build up our judgment based on the backdrop of culture, history and traditions of our country?

9.    * Lastly my friends, we need to question why the BBC documentary did not take bytes of Nirbhaya’s friend who has given a heart wrenching interview to Zee News a few days after the incident. Here are two links: one is my story in moneylife; Veeresh Malik’s story in Moneylife and Nirbhaya’s friend’s interview.

For full interview of Nirbhaya’s friend, see this link: