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Shift ARAI, Save Vetal Hill

Can you believe that the State government has proposed to de-reserve 48 acres of forest land dotting the sylvan Vetal Hill and permit the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) to construct on a whopping 14 acres? The notification to this effect was published in the Economic Times on January 13 and now it is left to us citizens to file suggestions/objections within 30 days, which means the deadline is February 13.

And guess what? Probably as a fallout of mega scams like `Adarsh’ that have exposed how politicians and bureaucrats bungle in land allotments and bend backwards to appease the ministers, the public notification in the case of Vetal Hill is crystal clear.  T C Benjamin, urban development department’s secretary  has been oh so very honest about how the Vetal Hill is going to be ripped off its green glory – you will be surprised (read below).

While the issue of Bio-Diversity Park (BDP) reservation for hills (pertaining to the DP of merged villages) is mired in controversy with the powers-that-be hell bent on allowing 4 per cent construction and on scrapping BDP, an equally serious proposed de-reservation by the state government in the pristine Vetal Hill (Pune tallest point) and along the Bhamburda Forest ridge has come to light. 

The state government in its notification published in the Economic Times of February 13 has proposed to de-reserve 48 acres of Forest land (which is in the hill top/hill slope zone) owned by the Forest department and allow the Automative Research Association of India (ARAI) which has its headquarters on the Vetal Hill, to build a laboratory and a vehicle testing track. Which means, this hilly area would be flattened due to such colossal construction and worse, pollute the environment of the hills – the lungs of our city.

Details of the notification:

*As per the Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act 1966, the Development Plan Land bearing S.No.102 (part), Kothrud has been shown as Hill Top/Hill Slope Zone
* This land, owned by the Forest Department has now been granted to the Automative Research Association of India (ARAI) for construction of laboratory building and vehicle testing track
* After consulting the Director of Town Planning, Maharashtra State, Pune and after making necessary equiries the Government is of the opinion that for granting permission to ARAI for laboratory building and vehicle testing tract it is necessary to delete the said land approximately 20 hectares (to allow existing built up areas 24265 sqm + proposed built up area 35435 sqm) from Hill Top/Hill Slope and include it in Public/Semi-Public Zone
* The government is also of the opinion that the said modification is in the public interest and hence, it is necessary to issue notice under Section 37 (IAA) of the said Act by the government to incorporate the above changes in the sanctioned Development Plan

  • Hence the proposed modification: ``The land bearing S No. 102 (part) of Kothrud approximately 20 hectares (to allow existing built up area 24265 sqm + proposed build up area 35345 sqm) is proposed to be deleted from Hill Top/Hill Slope and include the said land public/semi-public zone for ARAI with the condition that only ground floor plus two floors and maximum 59700 sqm built up area is permissible

Note: The aforesaid part plan is kept open for inspection by the general public in the offices of the following officers on all working days during working hours:
1)      The Deputy Director of Town Planning Pune Division, Pune S.No.74/2 Saharkarnagar, above Bank of Maharashtra, Pune-411009
2)      The Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune
3)      This notice is also available on the government website
It is signed by P L Gohil



To:                                                                               From: 
Deputy Director of Town Planning,          
Directorate of Town Planning,           
Maharashtra State,                                                         
74/2 Sahakar Nagar .                                                                  
PUNE 411 009 .
                                                                                    Tel.No.- ....................  Date :  01 /02/2011.

SUBJECT :    OBJECTION  to proposed  Zone Conversion for ARAI on Vetal Tekdi, Pune .

REF :   Your Notice for Zoning Modification No.TPS-1809/3737/CR-2252/10/UD-13, dated 20-12-2010
published in local newspapers on 12 January, 2011  u/s 37(1-AA) of the MR & TP Act,1966.


            In response to your invitation vide your Notice under reference above, I am hereby registering my strong  OBJECTION  to the proposal of the Government of Maharashtra  to convert the Zoning of land in S.No.102 of Kothrud from Hill-Tops and Hill Slopes Zone to Public Semi-Public Zone for the proposed building construction of the Automotive Research Association of India ( ARAI )

             As a citizen of Pune City, I request you to please note and register my Objection, and record my say in the matter. I also demand  an official hearing in the matter to personally lodge my protest under provisions of Section 37(1-AA)(c)  of the MR & TP Act,1966.  I also hereby serve Notice, that IF    I am not given a personal hearing  in the matter, I shall be at liberty to move the Hon.Court of Law to seek redress in respect of my Objections & Suggestions, as stated below :


1.         The Hill-Tops and Hill-Slopes Zones, Green Zones, Green Belts, and all statutory open spaces in the Development Plan of Pune City are a part of the MANDATORY Open spaces as per Planning Norms and standards for the city’s growing population, and the only remaining breathing ‘LUNGS’ for the Citizen in view of the highly increased air pollution levels in Pune City. Any Government, Local Authority or Individual proposal to reduce this open area, and destroy the Green vegetation cover, whether in part or whole, CANNOT be in the ‘Public Interest’ as claimed in your Notice. Please note, therefore, that the claim of “public interest” stated in your Notice is primarily FALSE and malafide.

2.         It is further submitted that the Automotive Research Association of India ( ARAI ) is NOT a Government of India ( or a State Government ) undertaking, and its location and function, both are an obnoxious NON-CONFORMING Land use in the Development Plan of Pune. Any proposal for modification of the Development Plan to favour ARAI would be deemed to be a proposal for personal and individual benefit, and hence, detrimental to the larger public interest and a loss to Government.

3.         Your Notice under Section 37(1AA) seeks to sanction the 24,265 Sq.M of existing UNAUTHORISED construction of ARAI under Section 47, and to allow additional construction of 35,435 Sq.M under Section 58 of the MR &TP Act, 1966. I hereby OBJECT to both reasons being forwarded in the Notice under subject. The present Un-authorised and illegal construction by ARAI should NOT be condoned as it falls in a NON-BUILDABLE  Hill-Top Zone of the Development Plan, and does NOT fall in the purview of Section 58 as permissible ‘Operational’ constructions of Government listed under DC Rule 5.1.1. The illegal construction by ARAI is a Non-Conforming land use by a NON-Governmental Association which clearly violates the provisions of prevailing DC Rule 14.4.2 and 14.5.1. Appropriate action must, therefore, be taken under provisions of the Law, and NO further construction may be permitted in the Hill-top and Hill Slopes Zone as per prevailing Rules.

4.         The function of ARAI is INDUSTRIAL in nature and character, and highly polluting in operation and its location on the Hill-Top between developed residential areas is highly undesirable and harmful for residents around the hills. Both constructions, existing and proposed, are more than 20000 Sq.M  is built-up area, and will require a formal  Environmental Clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India (MoEF). I suggest that NO further action may be taken in this matter until formal clearance of MoEF is obtained and publicly declared by ARAI.   

5.         I further object to the proposed Modification on the grounds that a statutory REVISION of the Development Plan of Pune City has already commenced and Notification under Section 38 has already been issued by the Government on behalf of the Pune Municipal Corporation. There is NO apparent reason or urgency to invoke Section 37(1-AA) to favour ARAI. Any modification proposed DURING the process of Revision of the Development Plan is suspicious and NOT justified.
6.         Pune City has been listed as the Sixth Most Polluted City in India.  Is it the intention of Govt. to achieve the MOST Polluted City status by promoting more pollution in the only remaining low-pollution open spaces ?  I object to the expansion and the industrial pollution by ARAI in the Hill-tops zone. 
The Hill Tops, Hill Slopes and Green Zones in Pune City NEED to be preserved and maintained as Open Spaces for the FUTURE generations. If this precious land resource is NOT preserved in its NATURAL state now, the damage would be permanent and irreversible and completely detrimental to the future of Pune City. I must strongly register my protest against this UN-SUSTAINABLE proposal.

7.         As the proposed construction of ARAI is MORE than the present existing unauthorised construction, It is strongly suggested, that instead of regularising the illegal construction and favouring ARAI at the cost of Public Health and Welfare, and instead of permitting MORE harmful industrial construction and further pollution of the Vetal Tekdi, the ARAI setup be discontinued and ARAI be shifted closer to the Automobile industries in a conforming Industrial Zone like Chakan or Talegaon. This proposal may be incorporated in the ongoing Revision of the Development Plan of Pune, and your present Notice under Section 37(1-AA) be immediately withdrawn.  

            I request you to please acknowledge receipt of this letter, and communicate the date and time for a personal hearing in the matter and kindly oblige.
ARAI proposed expansion superimposed alongside the present structure


Date :      January, 2011                                                                      (  Name :                                      )     

Sr. No.         Name                      Address                        Phone No.                   Signature.

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