Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why can't BRT in Pune be like Ahmedabad's?


Pune is all set to implement BRT on 24 more routes without rectifying gross design and traffic engineering mistakes that it made for its maiden pilot projects on Pune-Satara Road and Pune-Solapur Road. In 2010 alone, 50 Puneites lost their lives on these two routes in fatal mishaps. The hurry to implement the next phase is not so much for the convenience of Puneites as much as it is with an eye on 2012 PMC elections. Last time too, it was the PMC elections which had the Congress implement the pilot BRT project, thoughtlessly and with dire consequences.

While I shall post in this blog, tomorrow, all that is wrong with the next phase of Pune’s BRT,  RTI activist Sanjay Shirodkar visited Ahmedabad last week where he travelled in the BRT which is called `Janmarg’ He says, ``I got an opportunity to travel in Janmarg. Only one word comes in to my mind - "AMAZING!"

Shirodkar has made the following observations about Ahmedabad BRT: 
*Superb Implementation
*Low fare
*BRT lane is only for BRT buses, unlike Pune
*Superb & spacious stops
*Cool ticket counters at each stop
*Stops are located every 500 meters - as a result citizens get doorstep public transportation
*Ticket size is 3inches x 1 inch, precision work and thus lot of saving on paper and printing
*Automatic door openings
*Cool and spacious Buses
*Next stop announcement in Gujarati, English & Hindi along with Electronic scrolling
*Whole city is covered by BRT
*Speedy travelling
*Security at each stop
*TT and compulsory ticket checking at each stop
*Fantastic frequency of buses
*Simply superb!

*Blaring horn inside the bus
Janmarg as the BRT in Ahmedabad is called, is a brilliant example of meticulous implementation. Pics by: Sanjay Shirodkar

Computerised ticketing and international class bus stops at Janmarg

The exclusive way of Janmarg in the centre of the road has received public applause as the pilot project in Ahmedabad was chosen on a wide road with less traffic congestion

Another glimpse of Janmarg. Wish the powers-that-be in Pune had such vision


  1. Many of the features pointed out, like ticket size, are quite trivial. The low fare, exclusive and new BRT buses, nicely designed bus stations are all appreciated by the public and could be easily replicated here. The lane enforcement is done much better in A'bad, no question about it. Example was set by Chief Minister, when even his convoy did not use the bus lane!
    Stops on the Pilot BRT in Pune are also ~ 500 metres, just like A'bad. Bus announcements are also made in Pune. And no, it is not true that BRT in A'bad covers the whole city.
    The BIG issue is this - are WIDE roads needed for BRT? The world over there are examples of BRT on roads only as wide as Karve road. In fact that's the whole point. To prioritize buses! Which means that when the road is narrow, in order to improve the throughput of the road, you must create a bus lane - since a single bus carries more people than 50 cars! The people who oppose this are the car and two-wheeler users, for obvious reasons. And nobody seems to want to ask those who use buses, walk and cycle.

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  5. Hello All,

    I need some help to file a complaint against BRTS corridor newly constructed from Wakdewadi to Wagholi via Nagar Road. Its the longest of its kind and promising to be as pathetic as the Hadapsar Swargate BRTS. Kindly let me know how can we together help them improve the BRT system on this route.

    As per my understanding they should ensure usage of optimum road space and there should be 45m space left for the other vehicles to ply.

    Thank you.