Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This morning, young Dr.Deepika Salwankar, based in Ahmedabad but on a visit to Pune tweeted that ``@Uber_Pune I was hurled outside your cabs because the auto drivers bullied you uber... Can you take some action against this anarchy?'' She also tweeted that,``@VinitaDeshmukh @Uber_Pune I am on crutches due to a recent surgery, the auto wallas not only bullied with stones but refused their services.''
This young dentist and also Strategic Communication and Marketing Student at MICA, Ahmedabad, got down from the bus at Dandekar Pul and 20 minutes before she alighted out of it, called for a Uber taxi, as she recently had a knee surgery and would not be comfortable in an auto rickshaw. She was standing by the roadside, on her crutches, with her luggage. When the taxi came and she began to get into it, suddenly the two rickshawallas who had parked their ricks nearby, threatened her by showing a stone and ordering her not to get into the cab. She protested that she is in pain and is unable to go in a rickshaw. To that one of them said, he does not care how she goes but she cannot get into the cab. She requested the cab driver to put his foot down but he said, she rather go out, as they might damage his car and he went away. These autorickshawallas, like the proverbial dog in the manger attitude, refused to ply her. She had to walk a short distance to get another rickshaw. Says Deepika, ``as it is, public transport system in Pune is so bad and on top of that if you are threatened for taking a taxi, what does one do?'' Uber, despite tweets, has not even responded. Will it get cowed down by such threats? Should it not take up the matter with the police? What should one do in such a situation? Deepika is shortly going back to Ahmedabad and since she did not take down the rickshaw no. she sees no point in filing a police complaint. Always, it is the consumer who is at the receiving end. What do you think?

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